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192.168.l.l is an IP address serving as an access point to a router. Many firms use this address to give people the chance to change their router settings for the Internet network. Accessing a router through this IP address allows one to configure: Proxy, LAN, DNS, IP QoS, WAN, WLAN, ADSL, Security and Network Settings.

Log into router

In order to access a router, open your browser and write in the address bar. After establishing connection a router admin login window will appear. Introduce your router's username and password in the corresponding fields. Inside the router admin management panel you can modify all your router's options.

Common Router Connection Problems

  1. Don't know my router password. If you haven't changed your password search for your router's default username and password here. Alternatively look on the backside of your router for the credentials.
  2. Forgot my username and password. Follow the instructions in our "how to recover username and password router" article.
  3. is not loading. Most likely is not your router's IP address. Other gateways might be or Check our default router IP address list to find out which one your router uses.
  4. I don't know my router's IP address. Every operating system allows for you to check your router's IP address. Find your router IP address here.

Default Router Password List

You can access a router by introducing its default username and password. Choose a router from the list below to show all its usernames and passwords:

What is my router's IP address

If you can't reach your router via then it's not your router's gateway. Try other possibilities such as: or You can check your router's access point in our router IP address list